4 Tips on How to Take Care of a Pug to Ensure Their Health

by:Canway     2020-09-11
If you have been wondering about how to take care of a pug, then the four tips that follow may prove to be rather useful to you since clearly you want to make sure that your new dog stays healthy at all times. It has to be said that there is nothing complex when it comes to taking care of them, but these next few tips will at least give you something to build on. 1. Clean their face every single week One of the most important things you can do when caring for your pug is to make sure that their face is kept clean as they are prone to getting their nose into everything and picking up all kinds of dirt and bacteria. The problem with this is that they have folds in their face and it is essential that you get some lukewarm water and some cotton wool and clean in the folds on a regular basis in order to prevent different skin problems from developing and them picking up infections. 2. Look after their coat As with any type of dog it is important that you look after their coat and with a pug this involves you brushing them a couple of times a week as an absolute minimum and make sure that the brush has stainless steel bristles and always brush the way that the fur grows to get rid of that dead hair and any dirt that may be stuck in there. Do also remember and check for fleas especially during the summer and consider investing in a flea comb to make sure that they do not pick up something that is extremely uncomfortable for them. 3. Clean their teeth and cut their nails Believe it not, but you should actually look at brushing their teeth with a toothbrush and some special toothpaste in order to make sure that their dental hygiene does not suffer with this leading to them developing various health issues. It is also important that you cut their nails on a regular basis as this will stop them from scratching themselves and breaking the skin as well as making sure that they can walk without any problems because long nails will put a different kind of pressure on the pads of their feet leading to them cracking and causing them pain. 4. Take them for walks and avoid making them fat Finally, you have to make sure that you do not overfeed them because if they put on weight it can lead to them developing breathing problems and a pug is already prone to this kind of problem due to them having a flat face. Taking them for walks on a regular basis will of course help to keep the weight down, but it will also make their muscles stronger and this can lower the chances of them developing different issues with their bones and especially with their knees and hips. That is how to take care of a pug in four easy steps and even though there is a bit more to it than just the things mentioned here they do at least cover the basics that should mean that your dog is both happy and healthy. Do remember that there is further help and advice available should you run into problems, but the main thing is to relax and enjoy your dog and look forward to having a fantastic relationship with them for years to come.
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