About Le Angelique Hair Styling Tools

by:Canway     2020-09-10
Le Angelique was established in 2005 in Los Angeles, California. They have since expanded worldwide and they offer top professional beauty products. Their products are sold in beauty salons, beauty stores and major retail outlets. Le Angelique owes its fast growth to quality products, superior customer service, limited lifetime warranties, and satisfaction guarantees. The company has set up offices in China and Los Angeles from where they are able to easily source and private label any product in the market. With this capability they are able to accommodate any request at the lowest wholesale price possible. Their sales department is responsible for these operations whereby all the pricing is inclusive of artwork, packaging and FOB Los Angeles. Le Angelique has set up effective policies for shipping and delivery, privacy and security, ordering, returns and replacements. These policies are meant to make your online shopping experience with them enjoyable and successful. Warranty registration is done online and they guarantee that their customer information is safe and is not shared with any other external companies. The hair tools range from hair straighteners, curlers, extensions, driers and other hair accessories. Each tool has a brief description, tips on how to use it and take care of it, and a video demonstrating the same. The price is also indicated beside the item. The straighteners are sold in various collections namely; Safari, Pro, Turbo, Tattoo and Titanium. Curlers or curling irons come in various sizes and are designed with a technology that helps to distribute heat evenly without creating frizz or heat damage and thus create long lasting bouncy curls. The Angel Hair extensions are 100% natural human hair and are designed to clip into your hair. These extensions are easy to manage, lightweight, and easy to style. They also come in various colors that match your hair color. The blow driers have high heat and watt strength. They are designed using cutting-edge science which delivers the highest level of negative ions and locks in moisture to ensure that the hair is restored to its natural healthy state. Other accessories available include serum creams, heated eye lash curlers, and silicon to seal in hair moisture. Le Angelique has new arrivals that include titanium hair irons and Sahara driers. All these tools are available at their online store. Other online stores such as acrobeauty.com sell these hair tools at a discount and provide good deals to their customers.
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