Any discount for large order smoothing hair brush ?
But how big the order is? You are expected to contact us first. Then specific salesperson will be arranged. Price, service, technology and suchlike product details will be provided. smoothing hair brush is a key product to us. The mass production and production capacity make it possible to offer discount if the order is big enough. The point-in-time you place an order may be considered when the discount is offered. This is dependent on the operating rate in different periods.

Canway Co., LTD has great strength in the international salon accessories market. Canway's hairdressing tools series include multiple types. The production process of Canwayhairdresser accessories suppliers is strictly controlled to meet special requirements in terms of shape, temperature, dimensional accuracy, weight, and stability. It allows the hairdresser to work more professionally. With the development of Canway, it has more mature sales network. It occupies a small space while in use.

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