Applications and Advantages of Thermal Spray and

by:Canway     2020-09-07
It is well known that most of the metals are exceptionally prone to rusting. To save the metals from oxidation process, it is extremely essential to coat them with a resistive metal or material. This coating would not only save the metal parts from regular wear and tear but would also save it from rusting. Currently thermal spraying is the process which is used for coating the resistive material over the metal. In this process, a rusting resistive metal or ceramic is sprayed on the surface. Some of the application of these services includes:- Wind turbines:- Atmospheric corrosion can cause serious damage to the wind turbines. To save these turbines from erosion, manufacturers spray zinc/ aluminum alloy on their metal surface. It is this metal spray coating, which makes the surface less susceptible to external damaging agents. Pipes, Structures and other Machinery Used in Oil Industry:- There is no doubt that the machinery and structures, which are used in the oil industry, are always exposed to harsh elements. As they are prone to rusting, thermal spray is done over them. Currently, aluminum is the most popular and preferred coating metal. This metal is coated using the flame spray process. In this process, the metal is converted into molten material and then atomized using a compressed air cone, which is then propelled towards the pipes. This spray once applied, quickly solidifies and forms a dense coating on the surface. Such coating is highly beneficial and effective. They save the equipments, and it's components from external influences for a complete 20 years. Bridges:- They always have to bear a heavy footfall and traffic over them. Apart from that, a huge amount of money is spent in their building process. Due to such reasons it is always essential to take proper care of these structures. Appropriate caring is done, at regular interval, to maintain them. To save these structures from erosion they are strengthened using hard-facing process and the coating is done using flame spray process. Petro-Chemical Plants:- These plants are quite prone to corrosion. As these plants are developed by spending a considerable amount, it is exceedingly necessary to take much care of them. Taking good care of the metallic components can help the plant remain inspection and maintenance free. LPG Cylinders:- Cylinders which are used to bottle LPG, propane or butane gas, can be considered as the life line of many economies. The households of a significant number of nations depend on them for many purposes. As they are highly combustible, it is essential that the outer structures of these cylinders should be free from any leak, damage and corrosion. This is the reason, zinc coating is done over these cylinders, which enhances their strength and durability.
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