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The purchasers of barber hair brush are from different industries and different countries all over the world. Some of them may live thousands of miles away from China and know little about the Chinese market until they start cooperating with the manufacturers. However, the purchasers can get access to the global market through multiple channels especially the Internet. On many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and E-commerce websites including Alibaba, purchasers can get easy access to the target manufacturers and establish a connection with Chinese manufacturers.
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Canway Co., LTD is a professional supplier of curly hair diffuser in China, and owns the sub-company to produce. Canway's main products include hair spray bottle series. The product delivers the flawless function and operation. It resists strong solutions, such as hair color, perm solution, bleach, and other salon chemicals. People will find that it is really comfortable to wear and they will not feel the shoe is muggy or stuffy. It is unbreakable, lightweight and durable.

Our vision is to become the dominant and well-known hair spray bottle supplier domestically and abroad. Contact!

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