Can hair clips used for barber be made by any shape, size, color, spec. or material?
Utilize the product personalization service of Canway Co., LTDto make sure your products correctly advertise your brand and make a lasting impression on your clients. Please consult our customer support section for certain requirements. Our seasoned mechanical and graphic design teams are accountable for merchandise surface treatment according to your advice.

Canway is a famous manufacturer of curly hair diffuser in China. Canway's salon accessories series include multiple types. The product is equipped with an advanced RO system. The scale inhibitor has been added to the RO system, which helps remove calcium and magnesium metal ions from the water. It resists strong solutions, such as hair color, perm solution, bleach, and other salon chemicals. Canway also boasts for its mature and developed sales network. It is non-toxic, recyclable and eco-friendly.

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