Can I get any discount on hair brush comb in my first order?
For some particular period, Canway Co., LTDsupplies first purchase discounts on hair brush comb to give an opportunity to learn. All discounts such as the welcome reduction are subject to approval and review, and could be subject to further limitations. Please do contact us to confirm the discount.

The quality and quantity of salon accessories produced by Canway are among the leading level in China. Canway's hairdressing tools series include multiple types. The production of Canwayhair sectioning clips involves a wide range of procedures, ranging from metallic elements preparation, electrode coating, cell Assembly, formation and process control. It is designed to increases the efficiency in the salon. The product is highly automatic. It has an auto flush and backwashes the prefilters, as well as a water conductivity meter which can monitor water quality online continuously. Its color conforms to the salon environment.

By implementing the strict system, wedoes our utmost to meet the needs of customers as our work goal. Please contact us!
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