Celebrity Hair Trends & Icons

by:Canway     2020-08-25
There are many historical icons out there with classic hairstyles that are undeniably associated with them. They've been engrained in our minds by the media and popular culture thanks to the likes of MTV and continuous social media outlets. Some of the more notable icons include Marilyn Monroe with her platinum blonde, almost white wavy, glamorous hair. Demi Moore, and no, I'm not speaking of G.I Jane rather, Ghost. Demi had short, black, boyish hair with a feminine charm. There's Donald Trump with his signature gray wisps and an honourable mention goes to Mrs. Victoria Beckham aka the envy of almost all woman thanks to her gorgeous husband. When people think of a daring, downward angled bob they'll think of Victoria Beckham. There are some hairstyles though, that became so popular, seemingly overnight, due to the heavy influence of North American pop culture that it has at one point caused thousands of people to follow suit. Justin Bieber. The Biebs. Try to deny it but you definitely either know someone or you are that someone sporting the newest tween like trend, the Bieber. The semi-long, carefree but well groomed hair, covering just enough of the face to add a little mystery. With his boyish charm and tremendous influence, Justin Bieber has created an army of fans, males and females alike that are styling their hair exactly like his. A website created by a super fan was made where people could post pictures and vote on who had the best Bieber imitation hair. His head is undoubtedly one of the most famous of the twenty first century. Jennifer Anniston, another major icon in hairstyle history. With the success of Friends came the rise of her fame and her hairs. Fans followed the show religiously and turned Rachel Greens' hair into a talked about phenomenon. It quickly became one of the most requested hairstyles in salons all over North America. Her hair was full of volume and lots of layers yet shaggy and framed the face in a flattering way. Sleek, easy to style and screamed of mid 90's. Another creation by the masterminds of MTV, Jersey Shore and the 'pouff'. Who knew a short, tanned, self-proclaimed Guidette could claim such fame with a brush and a can(s) of hairspray. This style is done by lifting the top layer of hair while teasing it and continuously spraying it with hairspray, finishing the look by securing the hair dome with a pinning device such as a tooth clip or bobby pins. The 'Snookie', or the 'pouff' has become popular among young women. There was even a Halloween costume available complete with a black attachable hair pouff. Granted, when done properly the pouff can be sophisticated and even add a little height. Either way it's all about personal preference. Celebrities and public figures prove the power of influence on society.ErgysTafilica from Evoke Salon agrees. 'When there's a celebrity hair trend going on out there we definitely see clients and new comers asking for that style. Most recently of course, the Biebs.' Your hair is all about your personal style and attitude and what you want to tell the world at first glance. If you love it, others will too. They may even make it famous.
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