Chignons Hairstyles

by:Canway     2020-08-24
Chignons have been worn by women all over Europe and then later around the world for centuries. It is basically a twist of hair at your nape done very elegantly. There is a great deal of variations to a French chignon. You can glamorize is with twists and pearls for weddings and formal dinners or wear it simply on day to day basis. Chignons at their most basic are about pinning your hair in a knot at your nape. The simplest way to make a chignon is to comb your hair thoroughly after a shampoo. Apply some styling mousse to your hair when they are slightly damp and then part them in two sections. Now make two ponytails of the parted sections. Now make a smooth knot of the two ponytails you made. Make the knot elegantly without causing much frizz and keep it loose. Now wrap one side towards the left and hold it with a pin and repeat this action with the other side and wrap it towards the right side. Chignons can be spiced up in a variety of ways. You can make a centre partition and create flicks sliding down your cheeks. This style of a chignon is hard core Tudor chignon. Another Chignon hairstyle is to make a side partition and decorate the longer end with rhinestones. You can also adorn the side opposite to your chignon with orchids, lilies and roses. If you have blunt cut bangs you can style them sideways with a round brush over your chignon. You can also make fishbone braids with a centre partition. With the chignon twisted to one side. Another lovely chignon is to make a hump at your crown and iron your flick sideways to give a formal and alluring effect to your chignon hairdo. Women with huge foreheads should have back swept tightly pulled back chignon at the nape. Especially women with chiseled features should wear their chignon this way as it would accentuate their looks. The most important thing when going for a chignon hairstyle is to make sure your hair is freshly shampooed. Secondly you should use a generous amount of styling mousse on your freshly dried hair with a towel. Next use a large tooth comb to untangle your tresses. Another important factor is the hair spray you use as it would keep your chignon in place and make you the epitome of grace.
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