Children's Hair Loss, Hair Pieces and Wigs

by:Canway     2020-08-23
It is much rarer for children to suffer from hair loss when compared to adults, however the feelings associated with hair loss are universal, no matter what the age is. It is for this reason that children's wigs should be of just as high quality as those for older people, and a child wig doesn't have to be boring either. A children's wig is imperative to ensure that the young person doesn't suffer from low self esteem or confidence after hair loss, which is why a child wig should be both natural and pleasing to the eye - and equally as undetectable as those for older wearers. When it comes to making a child wig, the wearer and their family should be in full control. Whether it is a bespoke or pre-made hair system, children's wigs should have the ability to be worn permanently without shortening its lifespan. A child wig, possibly more so than hair systems for adults need to be robust and long lasting. Depending on the individual, it is likely that the child wig would need to be able to tolerate sports such as running and swimming, and in general a more active lifestyle. The base materials used for the children's wig will therefore be made of more durable fibers, such as lace, polyurethane or mono-filament - all of these materials are not only strong but also hypo-allergenic, and 100% undetectable, to ensure a pleasant wearing experience. The base of the child wig should also be ventilated and lightweight - this teamed with its hypo-allergenic properties will prevent any skin irritations. The child wig can either be made of human hair or synthetic fibers; it is advisable for the human hair to be previously unprocessed to allow for future treatments - as hair that has been prior subject to chemical treatments will have a significantly shorter lifespan, and will react much more negatively to heat styling tools such as hair dryers and straighteners. Premium grade synthetic fibers, for example Kanekalon are also able to be treated with heated tools without shortening its lifespan, which is why Kanekalon has been preferred for many children's wigs and hair systems. When it comes to a child wig, the main objective should be to achieve a completely natural finish, a beautiful style, and a pleasant wearing experience, however, the maintenance of such a piece should be easy too - this is why the company used should provide full aftercare information and give customers the ability to re-visit the salon whenever they feel they need to.
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