Colormark Temporary Hair Color Review

by:Canway     2020-08-19
It usually happens when we have no time to make it back to the salon for a touch-up or a full coloring. ColorMark Hair Color now gives us award winning options, Gray Roots Gone Instantly Instant Touch-Up and TouchBack Hair Color Marker. Unlike other touch up products on the market, ColorMark Gray Roots Gone Instantly Instant Touch-Up Hair Color does not flake off, fade or disappear. You don't have to even worry that it will brush out. It stays in until you want it out. It bonds with the hair and matches seamlessly with the permanent hair color. There is no ammonia, peroxide or Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), so there is no damage to your hair at all. ColorMark does not use any animal testing, or any animal based ingredients in its patented formula. You have just the beautiful color that you are looking to cover those roots or gray strands. ColorMark Gray Roots Gone is available in 10 shades to match your hair color. It can be used on chemically treated hair, but should be shampooed out, before hair is treated again. It is available in a wide variety of colors. A deep red as well as a light red are available as well as a full range of blondes. Browns as well as a pure black are also available. You will have no problem finding a color that matches your hair color. ColorMark Gray Roots Gone Hair Dye comes in a tube. There is an applicator wand with a sponge to apply inside, very similar to a mascara wand. You apply this to the area of the hair you want to touch up. Also included is a small special comb for use at your temples. We all know from experience that this is one of the hardest places to touch up, without getting the color onto our skin. The comb that is included acts as a skin shield. You place the comb through the hair as close to your scalp as you can. When applying the color the comb will stop any from being deposited on your skin. If any does come in contact with the skin, it can be removed with a damp tissue. ColorMark Hair Color has thought of everything when it comes to applying their product. When you apply it at home, you can apply it over any styling product that you have used, like mouse or gel. You can also use hair spray over it. It dries so quickly there will be no precious time lost in waiting for your hair to be ready for the next step. When you want it gone, you simply shampoo it out. The product has enough to cover for thirty to forty applications, depending on the amount of gray and roots that need to be covered. Beauty magazines, such as Allure, In Style, Good Housekeeping and Health have all had positive reviews for ColorMark hair color. Its sponge wand makes it easy to apply and the formula of the color itself makes it a product you will not want to be without. Jump on board and become a ColorMark Hair color fan today.
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