Does hair dresser clips have warranty period?
Canway Co., LTDwants you to be delighted with your purchase. If, during the warranty period, your product needs service, please give us a call.  Your satisfaction with the order is our primary concern.  If you have any questions about your warranty coverage, or you think you need service, call our Customer Service. We're here to help you get the most from your hair dresser clips .

It is known from the comparison that Canway is advanced in comb brush industry . Canway's hair sectioning clips series include multiple types. Canwayhair diffuser for curly hair is finished by adopting test equipment that measures the dynamic behavior of compound and simulates the behavior in different temperature environments. It helps depict a more professional image for a salon. The product features a good purifying effect. It can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, granules, heavy metals, etc. The materials allow it to resist water and stains.

As long as we sticks to the scientific principles of stylist aprons, we will be able to ensure that we will seize the forefront in barber apron industry. Get quote!
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