Dog Grooming For Neat And Clean Looking Dogs

by:Canway     2020-08-13
There are many dog grooming tools that professionals and dog owners use to keep their dog looking neat and clean. Some veterinarians even use these tools in case they need to examine a certain portion of a dog's body more carefully and there is fur getting in the way. Some of the tools used to groom a dog include curry brushes, scissors, stripping combs, shedding blades, clippers, rakes, and stand dryers. A curry brush is a rubber or plastic brush that one rubs over the coat so that the skin is able to produce oils and dirt is removed at the same time. These brushes are used on dogs that have a lot of hair and are used carefully. A curry brush can easily hurt the dog's skin if the groomer pulls the brush away from the skin too hard. Scissors and clippers are both used to trim the dog's fur, especially the ones that are located in sensitive areas (in the ears and near the reproductive organs). In contrast, shedding blades are only used on dead hair and aren't used for cutting fur. Only dog breeds with harsh coats require the use of a shedding blade. Owners of showdogs would have to use a stripping comb in order to remove long hairs by pulling these out by the hair root. Rakes are tools that are used to remove dead hair from the dog's undercoat, dematting, and untangling dog hair. Finally a stand dryer is used to dry the dog's hair quickly after it has been given a thorough bath. Groomers are humans too, and it isn't surprising that despite having an arsenal of tools at their disposal, they are prone to make mistakes. There are several mistakes that groomers are guilty of. First is groomers may use dryers the wrong way. Some grooming shops have dryers similar to a large cage with a heater, and careless groomers may leave the dog unsupervised (while tending to another customer, perhaps?). One can imagine the result of this outcome: the poor dog burned by the hot pans and even killed. When owners see that the groomer plans to place their dog in an enclosed dryer, they should make sure that the groomer checks on their dog - owners can even do this themselves - and that the dryer isn't set at a high temperature and that it comes with a timer. Another mistake groomers may be prone to do is having inadequate housing facilities for dogs. Some may even lack enough staff to walk the dogs and give them the proper care these dogs need. If owners plan to leave their dogs at the grooming salon for the day, they shouldn't just hand over the leash to the groomers - they should also check if the salon has cages for the dogs and the care the staff plans to give the dogs. The third mistake a groomer commits is related to the first: leaving the dog unattended. In this case, there are groomers that use a grooming noose when grooming the dog. In case the groomer decides to answer a phone call or serve another customer, disaster can happen. Even if the groomer is gone for five minutes, that is more than enough time for the dog to attempt to break free from the noose and end up choking to death. Now that you know the common mistakes dog groomers and dog owners make when grooming their pets, be sure to keep these in mind when grooming your dog. You wouldn't want to be guilty of the same mistakes, now do you?
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