Facetune App for Correcting Pictures on iOS Devices

by:Canway     2020-08-06
If you own an iOS device and are keen on clicking pictures then your aim must be to have a perfect click. Often this is difficult to achieve and getting that picture perfect look is hard to get by. However, if you know about just the appropriate app that can help you with photo editing then it would be easier. Facetune is one such app that helps you with its professional quality editing tools and makes things easier. Let us find out more about this picture-correcting app. About Facetune Facetune is loaded with various photo-editing tools that come handy in correcting your pictures. You can correct your group pictures as well as portraits that drastically improves the look of people in picture. Initially when you launch the app you will be able to see the demo. This includes the pre-loaded pictures in the app that are used to show you correcting blemishes, removing facial hair, freckles or other imperfections that this app has removed. You will be able to discover the tools offered by this app for making relevant changes in a given picture. The automatic tutorial guides you how a tool works and for what purpose. Every explanation has a video to help you understand the utility of each tool. Correcting a Picture Facetune gives you the option of ten tools to enhance your pictures. The editing tools in its toolbox include details, crop, whiten, patch, smooth, tones, defocus, red eye and filters and frames. Each tool given serves a specific purpose in photo editing. The Patch tool allows you to remove beauty marks, pimples, freckles and even moles. Begin by selecting the part of a picture that you need to cover up or improve and then using the selecting tool select a skin portion. Now copy the skin and paste or replace the mark with a blemish free skin. This way you will be able to hide or cover-up most of the imperfections. The Reshape tool gives you the freedom of transforming a picture by changing the shape of any given element in a picture. For example, if you want to change the shape of someone's nose then use the Reshape tool to make it thinner, thicker, bigger, smaller or tuft. The same can be done with giving ideal shape to the body of a person in picture by reducing the waistline. Now you need not get a nose job done or stress about that expanding waste line showing up in the picture. Sharing Options After applying all the relevant changes in the picture you also have the option of sharing your improved pictures in social media circuit. You are given various options like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, camera roll, e-mail and Twitter. Another interesting thing to notice about this app is that when you are sharing pictures across your social media accounts including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr you can include the before and after shots. You can simultaneously post your before picture on the right side and the all improved picture on the left side. However, it is totally dependent upon your preference that you include the before shot or not. Conclusion The best part of Facetune app is that you will be able to learn picture editing with its video tutorials. This will help you get immediately familiar with using various tools and edit like a pro. The annoying part of this app is that this app is well suited to a larger screen device. It is more suitable for iPad users but you need to purchase it every time you decide to use it on another iDevice. For iPad you will need to shell $3.99 and for iPhone it will cost you $2.99, download it from App store. In conclusion it can be said that Facetune app is capable of bringing forth the professional editing capabilities to your iPad or iPhone.
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