Fashion Forward Fall Hair Trends

by:Canway     2020-08-06
We all know fashion week, like many runway shows, helps to showcase a designer's creativity and inspiration. Simply put, you'd rarely find yourself ordering a fashion week ensemble for day wear. These shows are an exaggeration of style and design and take clothing, hair and makeup far into the realm of fantasy. While we agree that looking like Lady Gaga is meant for a time and a place, many of these shows do spark inspiration in our everyday style choices. So what can we expect to see this fall in terms of fabulous hair styles? Manicured Ponytails - We've grown quite accustomed to the messy ponytail in the summer; they were quick and easy to throw up in a hurry, but it's time to slow down for the fall season and perfect that pony. We saw plenty of pretty, perfect ponytails on the runway this year. The sleek look was no doubt achieved with the use of styling serums and flat irons. The designers did get creative on securing the base, some used shiny tape, others used a slew of elastics for a confined look and some stuck with the natural look of a few loose strands. Low-Volume Styles - The season of volume is no longer upon us. That's right; models walked the fall runway with low-volume styles, giving a softer, almost childlike look. These locks were matted down and even pinned under to give the impression of a thin, low-volume look. Twists and Turns - Fall is bringing back the girly twists and braids that we adore. Whether the runway looks were complete with braids around the crown, tied back with twisted sides, or knotting together soft waves, intricate little braids and twists added a delightfully fall look. Bouffants - How did we go from low-volume to bouffant? There was no happy medium it seemed at the Fall show, with models sporting sky-high bouffants that were a stark contrast to the low-volume looks we also love. Stylists went all out to bring back this retro look, and some of our favorite bouffants included a simple head band or accent piece. Which brings us to the final fall look; the accessories. Vintage Accessories - We love the vintage look for fall; you can incorporate tarnished golds and coppers, mix in pastel beads and floral headpieces. You can't really go wrong with accessories this fall, and your hair salon Houston TX stylists can help you match your hair color and style to the perfect pieces. Now just pair your fun, new hair styles with a simple pea coat and boots and you're already ready to walk your own fall runway!
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