Grooming - Keep your Pet in Good Condition

by:Canway     2020-07-27
Cats love to groom themselves, and will often spend hours preening and cleaning their fur. Cats even have small hooks on their tongue which are especially designed to preen their fur and keep themselves clean.[1] At times, however, your cat's coat may get into such a state that no amount of preening will resolve the situation. You will want your cat to look good and feel good - but it is worth knowing that bathing, grooming or de-matting your cat's coat is not usually covered by pet insurance unless a vet has confirmed that only a vet or a member of a veterinary practice can bath or groom the cat. You will usually find that this insurance condition is in place regardless of your personal circumstances. Since your cat's grooming or de-matting isn't covered by your pet insurance, you should keep an eye on your cat's coat to ensure that it doesn't get into knots or become matted in the first place. If you regularly stroke your cat all over, you will not only make him or her purr with delight, but you will be able to monitor the fur's general condition on a regular basis. If a knot begins to form, you will detect it earlier and be able to comb it out before it gets too bad. Not all breeds need the same level of attention for their coats; longhaired cats usually require a lot more grooming and bathing as their fur tends to get matted more easily. You may find your longhaired cat even requires daily grooming with a steel comb to keep the coat in order. Shorthaired cats on the other hand may only require the occasional brush through with a fine-toothed metal comb to remove dead hairs and keep their fur looking good. If you're not sure what kind of attention your cat might need for grooming, then you can always ask the shop or breeder where you bought the cat, or just ask your vet. The RSPCA recommends that cat owners ensure their cat's coat is kept in good condition by grooming it regularly. Even though grooming isn't covered on your insurance, you should still take responsibility for it as a loving cat owner.
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