Guide On How To Bathe Your Dog

by:Canway     2020-07-26
Dogs need to be bathed but they you should not bath them as often as you bath yourself. Once a month is not a bad routine but of course should you notice that the dog is dirty, then do it even earlier. The other reason why you may want to wash it before the scheduled time is if the dog has a bad odor. If on the other hand the dog's coat always gets dirty or smelly before your scheduled bath times, then you probably need to revise the frequency. The tips provided below will be useful with regards to cleaning your dog. If you are a novice dog owner then I recommend that you make a first visit to a veterinarian. He or she will provide you with valuable information on the type of breed you have, and the best type of shampoo to purchase. Your breed will also determine how often you should bath it and even how to bath it. The amount of time the dog spends outdoors is also a factor as well as how playful it is. Breeds that have thick and rough coats need higher frequency of bathes since they are likely to accumulate dirt faster while those that have smooth coats need less frequency. Remember though that bathing too frequently is counterproductive, even unhealthy. The next consideration is the place where you will bath the dog. A bath tub is ideal and if you prefer, you can even use your own provided you clean it well afterwards. Dogs get very excited when you bath them and one body shake can get you really wet. Consequently, you might want to avoid doing it in places such as your living room. Another good location would be on your lawn, where you will not mind all the flying water particles. The supplies you need include shampoo, brushes, a comb, sponges, a towel, cotton balls and some oil. You might also want to get a brush with very tender bristles for cleaning the toes as the bristles will run between them. If you are unsure of the suitability of any of the items or supplies, you should consult your vet. Dog fur tends to mat when it is not groomed frequently. It is therefore advisable that before you dip that dog into the water, you comb and brush its fur. Water alone will not reduce the matting and in some extreme cases, you may first need to clip the fur. Be careful with puppies do not bath puppies before their forth week and ensure you use warm water. Having said this, let me add that starting bathing and other grooming procedures early is highly encouraged as the dog then grows up with the habit. In case you were wondering what cotton balls are for, they should be placed in the dog's ears to minimize the water that gets in. prevent. Once you have bathed the dog with shampoo and rinsed it, use the towel to rub it dry. Do not take long and leave it freezing.
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