Hair Feathers Add Brightness To Your Hair

by:Canway     2020-07-23
Feathers create a bright, lively accent to an ordinary headband, or a splash of color to your hair when wearing a feather hair extension. You may prefer the look of a grizzly feather in your hair, or the vibrant colors of peacock feathers worn as an accessory or earring. The construction of the peacock feather filters and reflects different wavelengths of light, giving the feather that unusual metallic, iridescent look. They add even more beauty and texture to bridal hair sets, contemporary earrings, and feather hair extensions. Some women will attach or weave in grizzly hair feathers of one color, and then wear peacock earrings of a complementary color to the grizzly for a complete feather look. Feather hair extensions are available in innumerable styles and colors now. With the amount of real and synthetic feathers online and at hair salons, it is possible to mix and match an almost infinite amount of colors, textures, and styles for a truly one of a kind extension or earring. Prices are as attractive as the hair feathers. I have seen online advertisements for complete sets of over 70 long synthetic grizzlies in wide choices of colors, plus the hooking tools and over 100 attachment beads for under $60. If you do not want to attach the extension yourself, online feather retailers offer many different packs that can be purchased and weaved into your hair at a salon. These are premium, Salon Grade feather hair extensions, and not some cheap knock-offs that do not last. Purchase the salon grade for durability. A salon grade extension may last for two months or more, and can withstand brushing, shampooing, curling, straightening irons, and blow drying. The quality of your extension is important so that it can tolerate the same treatment as your hair, otherwise they do not last as long, or you will be taking them out and putting them back in too often. You do not want this to be a chore, but something that you can attach to a strand of your hair every couple of months, and forget it. The only time you should be reminded you are wearing it is when someone compliments you on how it looks, or when you see yourself in the mirror and notice how it enhances your appearance. Your choice of hair feathers depends on the kind of impact you would like your hair to present. Simple, single, neutral tone feather hair extensions can be just as interesting and impactful as someone wearing a brightly colored bundle of rooster or peacock feathers. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so go with the style that you feel most comfortable.
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