Hair Loss Signs to Notice

by:Canway     2020-07-22
The signs of hair loss can be hard to notice in the beginning stages because sometimes the process is very slow - and other times the process can be more rapid - depending on the person and the cause of hair loss. There are certain signs to take notice of to determine if you are losing your hair - and also what you can do about it to make sure it does not get worse over time. Check your pillow If the hair loss you are experiencing is very rapid, sometimes there might even be hair on your pillow in the morning that you are losing. Check your pillow to see if there is any there that would indicate any kind of hair loss or hair thinning. We all lose about 100 or so hairs a day and this is normal - if you are losing an abnormal amount very quickly, your pillow is the first place to look. Check your comb or brush Checking your comb or brush to see if there is more hair on there than usual is another good indicator. And if you turn your head upside down and comb - and you notice you are losing a lot more than usual and there is much more hair fall - that might be an indicator of pattern baldness or some other condition that is causing the loss. Look at an old photo and compare to today Look at a photo from a year or so ago and see if there is any difference in your hairline. If you notice the hairline is more pushed back today than in the photo - chances are you are experiencing genetic baldness of some sort. Or it may not be genetic and may be caused by something else but that can be determined by visiting a doctor and getting a proper diagnosis. Look to your diet and lifestyle If you are malnourished in certain crucial nutrients, such as not getting enough protein in your diet, for example, this can have an effect on the health of your follicles and the thickness. If the deficiencies in certain crucial nutrients and vitamin are significant enough, it may even make the follicles thin and/or fall out completely over time. Another one that can cause the condition is too much strain on the follicles, such as wearing it pulled back too tight regularly or using extensions or other beauty enhancements that can cause breakage and loss.
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