Hair Straightener Occasions

by:Canway     2020-07-21
Throughout the ages, hair styling has seen countless trends and fashions come and go; some classic, some probably best described as 'different', but the desire to change the look on a regular basis remains constant to this day. No two people have the same hair and consequently, not everyone can achieve the style they desire, well not naturally anyway; however, help is at hand in the form of the hair straightener. First patented more than 100 years ago by a gentleman named Isaac K Shero and refined by Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield, a Scottish heiress, several years later. Their invention and significant improvements in subsequent years, right up to the sophisticated models of today mean that more or less any hairstyle can be accomplished, with the assistance of these fabulous products. With the freedom to experiment, comes the pressure of choosing the correct style for the right occasion. Someone's entire appearance changes when altering the hair style; therefore selecting an inappropriate look can send out the wrong message. Sometimes subtlety is the best option, whereas at other times, these indispensable tools allow for a real show of extravagance. Events such as interviews, weddings, christenings, and other such formal functions, require a tasteful, even elegant look, probably with the hair worn up off the shoulders. Even then though, the straighteners are a very useful accompaniment to have, as they give a greater hold and also take care of those awkward bits that seemingly have a mind of their own. Much obviously depends upon the length of the hair, but the straighteners bring versatility and, if the situation allows it, they enable an individual to replicate so many different trends. The well known phrase 'let your hair down', usually used to signify an intention to relax and have a good time, is also very apt for the use of the straighteners. They will help transform someone's appearance and create whatever image they want to portray. It might be for a night out in the town with a group of friends, or perhaps attending a lively party, maybe going to a restaurant, or simply on a romantic date, the flexibility the straighteners permit is seemingly endless. The beauty of these products is that, although the name suggests they just straighten hair, they actually are capable of any manner of styles. Straight and sleek, natural looking waves, subtle or extravagant flicks, soft layers, or great big heavy volumed curls; they can all be attained, quickly and more importantly, with an end result that only a trained eye would suspect hadn't been styled professionally. For many people, following the styles of celebrities and cat walk models is what it is all about, so they go for the latest in-fashion look; but the flat irons - as they are also sometimes called, allow for a bit of individuality to come through too. It is amazing how a new look brings about renewed confidence, as the compliments flow. Logical thinking is all that is needed before deciding how to 'wear' your hair; situations will dictate and little common sense should enable the right decision to be made.
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