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by:Canway     2020-07-19
The collection of HairDo wigs is the result of a partnership between Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson. Ken Paves is a world renown hairstylist. His work has been featured in top publications such as Vogue, Allure, Glamour, GQ, and Cosmopolitan to name a few. He makes frequent appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show as well as being featured on America's Next Top Model. The media recognizes him as the 'hottest hairdresser in Hollywood.' Jessica Simpson started her career as a singer. The initial fame she gained as a singer led to her to becoming a successful entrepreneur branching out and becoming a TV personality, actress, and fashion designer. Together with Paves they launched HairDo Wigs in the fall of 2006. Their wig collection launch met with enormous success. The HairDo Collection features clip-in hair extensions that add desirable length and volume to one's natural hair. Clip-in extensions are rapidly gaining popularity due to their ease of use. The HairDo extensions add color, volume, and length to any woman's hair without requiring any drastic changes. Originally, if a woman wanted to add length to her hair she would need permanent hair extensions that would require a trip to the hair salon. Clip-in extensions are lightweight and can be clipped in easily by anyone. In addition to their fabulous extensions, which are available in a number of lengths and styles, there are now new HairDo wigs. HairDo wigs come in several styles including Long and Lush, and the Bob. Their lush colors range from the darkest colors to the lightest allowing you to find the exact color you are looking for in your HairDo wig. HairDo wigs are made from Tru2Life fibers that look and feel like real hair. This heat friendly synthetic fiber makes it easy to flat iron, curl, or blow-dry the HairDo wig. Using a temperature controlled flat iron, you can easily achieve any straight look. If you use a curling iron, be sure to hold the curl for approximately 60 seconds, then clip and allow cooling for the curl to set. The new style stays locked in place until heat-styled again. Some women like to 'mix it up' by often changing their look. Wigs are a simple way to change your hair without frequent and costly visits to the hair salon. If a woman just wants to make a temporary change or is attending a special occasion, wigs often make the perfect fashion statement. If unfortunately you experience hair loss due to illness, medical treatments, or genetics, a quality wig can disguise that hair loss and restore some normalcy to the your life. Other women buy wigs because they always wanted to be a blonde or brunette, but were hesitant about actually making a drastic change by dying their hair. Some women have always had short hair, yet wonder what they would look like with a long hairstyle. HairDo wigs and extensions provide the opportunity to create a new you. The HairDo collection with it's numerous extensions is also ideal for women who would love to have some more volume or length. The clip-in extensions available by HairDo are easy to attach as well as being versatile. If you are interested in shopping for HairDo wigs and / or extensions e-Wigs.com is the place to be. You will be able to browse HairDo products and purchase them from the privacy and comfort of your own home, 24/7. With their Best Price Guarantee, you will receive the best prices found on the Internet. An added bonus is the e-Wigs.com free shipping offers for delivery in the continental US on your HairDo orders at e-Wigs.com.
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