Home Furniture How to Mix Traditional and Modern

by:Canway     2020-07-15
Home Furniture How to Mix Traditional and Modern Furniture Styles When you mix traditional and modern furniture styles you can create an individualized, multilayered living space. Furnishing your home should be more about developing your own personal style rather than adhering to any single style unless you are truly passionate about it.That said, combining modern furniture and accessories with traditional ones can result in chaos if not planned in advance. There are three major considerations to make before you decide to mix modern and traditional styles. 1.Modern or Traditional? First of all you need to figure out if you want your space to be primarily modern or primarily traditional.Figure out which style should dominate. It can be a modern space with antique accents or a traditional space with contemporary accents. Letting one style dominate is crucial, because you don't want to create a space where everything is fighting for equal attention. 1. Modern or Traditional? 2.Why You Love it Once you've figured out where your loyalties lie, find out why either style appeals to you. Look at the visual attributes of a piece of furniture. When you find yourself attracted to a piece is it because of its shape and lines, or do you admire it for its color and texture? There is no wrong answer, so spend as much time as you need to. Whenever you see some furniture you like, note it down. Notice how you describe it to some one else. Do you talk about its sleek lines or rich texture? If you collect pictures of furniture you like, you will begin to see a pattern.You can then begin to tie in pieces of different styles through their shapes, or material or color and texture. find out why either style appeals to you harmony or contrast After figuring out what you like and why you like it, it is time to settle another important question. What kind of a look are you going for: harmony or contrast? If you want to create harmony and a restful look, select furniture pieces that are more alike, or just a few degrees apart. For instance, for a harmon ,Home furniture, Master bed room, Bed room, Kid's bed room, Dining room, Salon, Living room, Comfortable unites, Piece-units,ized look you may want to pair Hans Wegner chairs with a more traditional wood table. Although these chairs have a very modern sensibility, they are made of wood, which can harmonize with the table.To create contrast and excitement, juxtapose colors and textures, such as Eames molded plywood chairs in different colorful stains, or the Tolix chaise in steel or colored metal with your traditional table. Mix it Up Now that you've figured out which elements are important to you, go ahead and start mixing it up. Let one style dominate, and use the other one for accents. Tie different styles together with the same color, texture, or shape. Get different nuances by creating harmony or contrast when you mix different styles.
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