How to Choose an Electric Nail File

by:Canway     2020-07-08
Electric nail files Electric nail files are manicure tools powered by electricity. These electric powered files are great for reducing the time and effort needed to file your nails. However, there are several types of electric files on the market and choosing the right tool and accessories depends a lot in your individual needs. If you are choosing a file for your personal use then a basic set of attachments along with a portable handy device is your best choice. Some of the handiest electric files on the market are pen shaped devices with a single filing head. The pen shape allows the maximum flexibility and ease of use, while the multiple speed settings make it suitable for a variety of tasks; allowing even amateurs to perform both delicate as well as ordinary filing quickly and efficiently. Nail glue - Find with electric nail files On the other hand, if you are a nail artist or a salon owner, then you need to have more sophisticated and powerful devices with specialized attachments for your professional needs. Depending upon the price range and the individual product, the attachments can range from a single, non-detachable filing head to a whole range of additions including cuticle trimmers, grinding stone, polishing wheels, sanding bands etc. Each of these add-ons are used to perform a specific task; such as delicately pushing back the cuticles or removing an acrylic nail that has been solidly attached using nail glue. You also need to decide between getting a cordless and a corded electric file. The cordless electric files, once charged, have a battery life of approximately two hours. This makes it a good choice for personal use as well as for professional artists who need a handy device for jobs outside the salon. For example, in fashion shoots and similar events, it is common to see the nail artist carry one of these cordless files around for quick fixes. Finally, regardless of the individual design or number of attachments, always remember to take proper care of your equipment. This goes for all your manicure equipment including ordinary files, acrylic nails, nail glue...everything! Store them in a clean, dry place and be sure to give each piece a thorough cleaning after every use. Never return a dirty nail file to its storage compartment. Such less than sanitary practices can encourage the presence of harmful molds, bacteria etc.
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