How To Colour Your Hair At Home

by:Canway     2020-07-11
Hair color has made a huge difference in the lives of women allowing us to cover gray and keep our age a secret or brighten our appearance and match it to our personality. But, should you use a Home Box product or go to a professional salon? If you want the maximum amount of control over the resulting look, and have a very good friend who will have the time and patience to pull your hair through the cap for you, the cap method is the way to go. For this method, you will comb your hair, place a plastic cap on your head, and tie it so that you have a snug fit. Your friend will pull fairly fine strands of hair through holes in the cap with a crochet-like hook. You will have control over just where you want the highlighting, and how heavy or subtle you would like it. Most people find ways to save money. We really have to be practical. If we can do it on our won why seek the help of others and pay? For instance, you can have natural cures for a simple health problem. You don't need to consult your physician to feel better. This way you can cut down your expenses. If you are not sure whether the color will suit or not, test it out first by using a semi permanent dye. If the color does not complement you, or it does not come out exactly the shade you had hoped it would you can always wash it out, providing you shampoo your hair within the first 48 hours of dyeing it. The more times you wash it, the more dye will wash out. Do not try to totally change your hair color at home, only dye your own hair if you are going one or two shades different. For example, going from a dark brown color to a light strawberry blond will not work very well, you need to have a professional do that for you at a salon. At the very least, conduct a test strand. Buy an inexpensive plastic streaking cap with a crochet hook in the drugstore. Mix a very small amount of the dye or bleach from the box color or highlighting kit in a little bowl and blend it with a tint brush. Put on the streaking cap and pull out a small bunch of hair through one of the tiny openings in the cap. Take a bunch of hair, about as thick as the handle of the crochet hook, on the side of your head. The hair from above can cover it in the event this is not the color you want. Many people like the effects of semi-permanent dye as the final effect is often a soft and subtle spectrum of shade variations across the whole head, giving the appearance of beautiful glowing natural highlights. And, the absence of peroxide or ammonia in the hair dye makes it ideal for damaged, fragile or fine hair, as it is safer and more gentle on the hair than permanent dye.
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