How to extend hairdressing clips warranty?
You are expected to contact the after-sale team to extend the warranty. Please understand that the extended warranty have terms and conditions which may not match the original terms and conditions. A new agreement or contract will be signed to make it effective.

Curly hair diffuser produced by Canway Co., LTD take the lead in domestic market.  Canway's comb brush series include multiple types. Canwayhair beauty tools is made from polymers that are made up of many many molecules strung together to form long chains that behave differently. It is sold to the United States, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Germany, etc. The product features high accuracy. All its parts have been measured by means of the advanced 3D coordinate measuring device. It occupies a small space while in use.

CanwayHairdressing Tools was born with the belief of stylist aprons. Call!
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