How to Get Silky and Smooth Hair

by:Canway     2020-07-07
Does the rain cause your hair to frizz? Does the humidity dry your hair? Are you constantly wishing for a straight and shiny mane that looks full of volume and health? If so, read on! This article will provide the experts tips and tricks for brilliant looking hair, whether you have a short hairstyle, curly hairstyle or straight hairstyle. Prepare your Hair When it comes to washing your hair - use products that are sulphate free to wash and condition. Sulphates are a chemical which is added to shampoo to make it sudsy, however it is extremely damaging to your hair. Check your current products for sulphates; if they contain them throw them away!! When purchasing new products; read the ingredients list before buying. This may require a little effort, but it will be worth it. Say No to Towels It is a habit to start drying your hair with a towel after your shower/bath; however this can causes to frizz as the tiny fibres get caught in your hair. Investing in a microfiber towel will reduce this problem. If you can't afford a microfiber towel, an old t-shirt will work just as well. Furthermore, avoid rubbing or scrunching while drying - gently squeezing out the excess works better and cuts out the friction that occurs while rubbing. Detangle Getting rid of the tangles in your hair will help create healthy and shiny. Never use a brush to do this, always opt for a wide-toothed comb. To comb out any tangles, start at the bottom and move up towards the roots in slow, small sections. Rushing will only cause you to rip the tangles out of your hair, which will lead to further damage. Combing through a leave in conditioner is also recommended as it adds extra protection to your locks. When applying conditioner, evenly distribute through the hair, avoiding the inch closest to your roots. Re-combing after this is suggested to ensure the conditioner has been worked through all. Protection Prepping your hair with a heat protecting product will strengthen and condition the hair before you blow dry to achieve a shiny and glossy finish. These protecting products will not totally prevent the damage which is caused by straightening and blow drying but will certainly reduce the amount. Apply this product all over your head, ensuring you cover the underside and top which can be achieved through tilting your head upside down and then applying. Blow Dry When blow drying, it is recommended that you use a round brush with a ceramic base - this will help smooth down the cuticle, creating a wonderful frizz free style. Start with a small section of hair and place the brush underneath this. Angle the blow dryer so that it is directing the heat to the hair on the brush only, blowing air in the direction of the cuticle and not against it. Move both the brush and blow dryer down the section together and then back up towards the head to create a bouncy bend at the ends. Continue doing this to each section around your head. Finish by generously spraining hairspray all over to keep the hair in place. This will also form a barrier around the hair to keep humidity out - guaranteeing that your style lasts all day!
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