How to Get Your Hair Dead Straight

by:Canway     2020-07-06
A sleek, straight style is appropriate for almost any occasion. We all know those days when you try to get your hair perfectly straight, but for some reason it doesn't quite get there. Follow these detailed instructions and you'll get it right! Before you do anything, wash your hair. This step is critical! In order to have movement, your hair has to be completely free of residue. Before you turn off the shower, rinse quickly with cold water to close the cuticles. Next, pat your hair dry with a towel. Most people have the tendency to rub their hair dry, but this motion causes friction and breakage. When your hair is almost dry, apply a styling lotion or spray because at this stage, your hair will absorb product really well. Set your dryer to the highest setting and blow dry in a downward motion, using your fingertips to shake your strands as you go along. When you're finished, section off the top of your hair with a rat tail comb by making a part on either side of your forehead, and pin it up. Then, start parting from behind your ear and drag it towards the back of your head. Do the same on the other side and pin that section behind your head as well. Now, you'll have hair left over at the bottom, so pin that part too. Start with the top part, blow drying it straight with a mixed bristle brush. We're starting with the top part because that area is usually done last and gets the least attention, even thought it's the most visible part. Attach a nozzle to the end of your dryer, take a three-inch section, and start blow drying downwards. Keep the brush on the bottom and the dryer on top. Slowly run the brush and dryer down the section. When you're finished with each section, roll it and pin it to your head so that it doesn't get messed up. Do the same to the rest of your hair. Before moving on with the straightening iron, spray some heat-protecting spray throughout your strands. Use a comb to guide the hair as you run the iron down your hair. Make sure you get your roots! If your roots aren't straight, you'll end up with poufy hair. Don't be scared by the smoke rising from the iron. This is normal, considering that you're putting up to 400 degrees of heat on your strands. You should only be concerned if you hear a sizzling sound, which signifies damage. Lastly, use a silicone-based silk serum when you're finished. Avoid water and applying mousses, as this will cause your hair to frizz right away. Hot weather and rain are your worst enemies, so keep an umbrella close by and consider tying your hair up when it gets hot outside. Remember, straightened hair looks best when your ends are trimmed. Good luck and check out http://www.longerhairhelper.com for tips on how to grow your hair longer By: Trisha Reid
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