How to Keep Your Red Wig Stay Red

by:Canway     2020-07-06
Color wigs are the 'in' thing today especially for people who want to have different looks without having to cut their hair off or trim it down. Wearing different colored wigs such as a red wig can be hip and trendy but in order to maintain your stylish look, you have to keep your wigs in perfect condition. By keeping your red wig in order, you can be sure that it would still be presentable and vibrant the next time you reach out for it. 1. Keep a special set of wig caring accessories such as wig brush, special wig shampoo and conditioner, comb for wigs, wig hair spray, curlers and of course, a wig stand to place your red wig and other color wigs on. Do not use ordinary brush or your everyday comb for your hair pieces as they require gentler treatment with proper accessories. 2. Avoid exposing your colored wigs to cleaning agents that contain bleaching ingredients since this would diminish the wig's vibrant color and would even damage the hair strands. When washing your hair piece, check for the chemical components of the shampoo. Avoid strong shampoo especially those that are formulated for dry and limp hair or those that are made for dandruff or lice treatment. As much as possible, use gentle shampoo and conditioner to prevent frizz and wig damage. 3. Before you put on your red wig, make sure that your natural hair is clean and completely dry. Wearing a hairpiece over wet hair can cause foul hair smell due to the contained hair moisture that could be a breeding ground for bacteria. 4. To protect your scalp and to prevent hair damage, you can wear a wig cap underneath your color wig. This will also keep the inner part of your color wigs clean and would therefore require less washing and maintenance. 5. Avoid experimenting with your red wig. If you want to alter your wig's hairstyle, take your red wig to a salon to get professional wig trimming. 6. Another way to keep your red wig red is by protecting it against heat or high temperature. If you would cook or grill, do not stand too close from the source of heat. The heat will damage color wigs and can even lessen its lively color. Avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time when you have your hairpiece on. Direct sunlight can burn your artificial hair and cause its color to fade. 7. If you are going to go on swimming, whether on the beach or on a swimming pool, remove your colored wig to protect it against the harmful chemicals found on the waters of a swimming pool. Salt water can also ruin artificial hair. Notice how your hair gets limp and brittle after swimming on the beach. If natural hair can get damaged out of swimming on a beach, how much more for artificial hair. 8. Make sure to wash your color wigs once in every two weeks. You can also wash your hairpiece more frequently depending on other considerations such as the use of styling products, exposure to air pollutants, frequency of perspiration and weather factors.
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