How to Look After Your Full Lace Wigs

by:Canway     2020-07-06
Full lace Wigs are commercial products but professionally made and you should be very careful with the texture of your Lace Wig. You should follow the instructions and use products that you have been told to use to maintain your Lace's texture. Be careful and do not use your natural hair products on your full lace wig because it may cause unforeseen damages. Here are a few suggestions as to how to maintain your lace wigs. 1. You must first brush your full lace wigs with a special detangling brush very lightly or apply conditioners on them, so that the unit gets softer and the fragile knots are not pulled because it may cause shedding. The brush should be used from the tip of wig to the base. Never start brushing from the top or middle because this may cause damage to the hairs. Then you can wash your full lace wig. 2. Soft bristle brush along with oil based solvent C 22 remover must be used to clean and remove any adhesive or tap residue all round the perimeter of the full lace wigs. 3. Mix a capful of Shampoo in a Spray bottle and fill it with luke warm or cold water. The shampoo to be used should be Silicon Mix, Nearly Natural, Aveda or Paul Michelle. 4. Now place your full lace wig on the Styrofoam head and pour luke warm or cold water on it and then apply the shampoo spray mix equally all over wig. And with the help of a wide toothed brush spread the shampoo all over the wig and comb from the ends of the hair to the roots gently. But make sure you do not comb in the middle or from the top. 5. Then rinse the wig which is on the Styrofoam thoroughly using a slow stream of cold water. 6. Now mix a capful of conditioner with cold water in a Spray bottle. The conditioner which is recommended is silicon mix, nearly natural, Redken Smooth Down, Aveda or Paul Michelle. 7. Now pour cold water slowly on your full lace wig which is placed on the Styrofoam Head. Then start spraying the conditioner mix all over the unit from the tip to the root. But make sure again never to use a comb in the top or middle because it cause unforeseen damage. For deep conditioning of full lace wigs Nearly Natural Lace Wig Restorer should be sprayed gently all over the unit after applying the conditioner and leave it for 5 minutes to soak in before rinsing with cold water. This product has the strength of softening, restoring, and reviving all split hair ends. 10. Finally rinse your full lace wig which on the Styrofoam wig ahead thoroughly slowly with a stream of cold water. Use a towel to blot dry your wig by patting it gently. 11. Spray or apply your leave in conditioner, if you want and dry it up. Apply 2 -3 coats of Knot Sealer to minimize shedding. This can be done by turning the unit inside out and spraying the Knot Sealer inside the base of the unit and dry with warm hair dryer. 11. Now you can style your full lace wigs according to your choice. But make sure you do not apply many oil based products because it may weigh down the hair and cause damages like tangling.
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