How to Maintain Nail Extensions

by:Canway     2020-07-05
Nail extensions are used as fashion accessories, but more importantly they render safety to your nails. They are very helpful for easily breaking nails, as they cover them from any damage. Nail-biting habit also is often left because of the extensions. The extensions also serve as a veil to bad-looking nails and often fix their problem. The split nails can be protected with these extensions from getting damaged more. If some adept technician apply the extensions, you can enjoy all their benefits. Artificial nails are created by two methods. First is 'tips' which are made of nail-shaped lightweight plastic plates which are stuck with glue at the end of your nail and acrylic is applied over the entire nail. Second is the 'forms' which are actually moulds which are first given the shape of the nail and then are properly shaped and polished to give them shining. Today the most popular are acrylic artificial nails, which are made of polymethyl methacrylate acrylics, mixtures of polymer powder and monomer liquid. (This mixture takes about 15 minutes to harden fully This becomes hard in 15 minutes The time taken to harden this blend is 15 minutes approximately In nearly 15 minutes it gets hardened). So also for removal it takes 15 to 20 minutes. For its removal, any solution, for example acetone, is useful. For the people whose nails crack easily or have a habit of nail-biting, it is an excellent remedy. One more kind is gel extensions, or UV-top coat, which are treated with light. In this, a polymer-monomer mixed gel is spread over the nails and cured with UV light. There is a 'no light' category too, which replaces the ultraviolet light by a brush or spray, or otherwise water, and hence it is more advisable. The problem of cracked nails can be helped with it. One kinder of nail extensions is wrap nails which are made of fiberglass, paper or fiber, such as silk or linen. With the help of glue, they are pasted to the surfaces of the nails. Though in natural appearance they score over others, they score least in terms of durability. Though all these artificial nails have many advantages, they have many disadvantages too. The major benefit acrylic extensions present are toughness and natural appearance. However their disadvantage is that they form a gap with the cuticle as they grow with the natural nail, which houses dust and fungal growth, which in turn lead to severe skin disease. There are two ways of prevention, namely infill treatment and rebalancing treatments. The first one includes identifying the condition and filling the distance, because of which the nail appears perfect. Whereas in the second one, the extensions are refurnished, by taking out the apex and then positioning them correctly. The gel extensions are less durable, though they look natural. Additionally, if an adept has not been consulted for applying them, your nails may crack while taking out these extensions. The most common problem faced with these extensions is infection. They are prohibited in many healthcare institutes, as they carry the risk of infection. Additionally, a minor injury like cracking of these extensions may cause severe effects like removal of the nail from the flesh below. Taking into consideration all these, you should be careful when you apply these artificial nails and even after that. You should get them applied by a qualified professional and a reputable salon. And you should maintain your nails by regular cleaning of their underside with soft brush and massage them and the surrounding skin with a cream, so as to promote the cell growth. Then only you can enjoy the nail extensions to your heart.
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