How to Pick the Perfect Lipstick

by:Canway     2020-07-04
Shiny versus Matte Lipstick Lipsticks that are shiny and glossy have reflectors that give an illusion of sparkling lips. These are ideal to use on formal and night events to accentuate your face. Ideally, women with thin lips can opt for shiny lipsticks to achieve a thicker and fuller effect. On the contrary, women with full lips should stay away from glossy types of lipsticks to prevent an over-the-top effect. Matte lipsticks are not glossy and usually create natural and soft effects. Unlike shiny lipsticks, both women with full and thin lips can go away with using matte-painted colors. They just have to pick the right shade and color that best suits them. Matte lipsticks are also ideal to wear while in office and business meetings because these give you a more professional and natural look that are not as eye-catching as shiny colors. Liquid versus Solid type of lipstick Lipsticks that are liquid in form give you better control and precision in terms of applying and spreading your lip color. Liquid lipsticks are applied using applicator wands. Others are contained in sleek long tubes that are twisted in order to pour out the color or are painted using brushes that are attached on the tips of the tubes. These types of lipsticks are easier to use and give you are more defined lip contour. Solid types of lipsticks are the most common form of lip colors that are contained in plastic casings. These are available in almost all shades that women can choose from. These lipsticks are also convenient to use and provide easy application without the need for a separate wand applicator or brush. Dark-colored versus Light-colored lipstick Lipsticks come in shades of red, pink, brown, plum, and almost all colors that you can think of. But what looks good on your friend may not be the same when you apply the same color on your own lips. Lip colors can either make or break your overall facial make-up and appearance. It is important that you take into consideration the size and shape of your lips before choosing a color. If you have fine and thin lips, you can go away with light and neutral shades. These colors help create an illusion of thicker lips. You can also dab a tint of gloss over your chosen color for a fuller effect. Stay away from dark reds or other intense shades like dark plums and mauves. These will only make your lips look even thinner. But if you have full lips, you can go for darker shades of lipsticks to achieve an illusion of thin and fine lips. You can choose from shades of coffee, mocha, or plum. Be careful in choosing red shades. Not all reds compliment women with full lips. Stay away from glosses as these will further enhance your already thick and full lips.
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