How to Use 24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

by:Canway     2020-07-02
Want long extensions without the hassle of an extensive application process at the salon? Why not try 24 inch clip in hair extensions? Clip in extensions have been growing increasingly popular as people have been realizing how easy they are to use. With 24 inch clip in hair extensions you can obtain a lot of length and just the right amount of volume you need to boost your styles for any special occasion. What are clip in extensions? These are extensions that come in wefts, with each weft lined along the top with small pressure-sensitive clips that are to be fastened onto you natural locks. You only need about 20 or 15 minutes to attach all of the wefts and then enjoy the added length provided by the 24 inches of hair. Clip in extensions are easy to maintain, just make sure that after you have finished with them, to remove them before bedtime and avoid mussing them up, this way they can last longer. The best part of 24 inch clip in hair extensions is that you only have to pay for the extensions themselves and not pay extra for the attachment process with a professional. 24 inches is pretty long and in clip in hair extensions the length of each weft can vary depending on how you clip it into your hair. If you find the clip in extensions too boring or too perfectly cut, you can get them styled and layered at your salon, but only if the hair used is high quality human hair and not synthetic hair. How do you use 24 inch clip in hair extensions? Well, it's pretty straightforward. It mostly consists of making horizontal partings in your natural locks, starting from above the ears and pinning up the top part of your hair. The wefts are then clipped into that parting, starting from the middle so you can line up the outer clips correctly along the parting. You then release the hair that has been tied up and make another horizontal parting, leaving a layer of hair between the clipped in weft. Along the second parting, you clip in another weft using the same method as the first, and you keep going in the same way until you have clipped in all the wefts. Some clip in sets include narrower wefts that can be clipped in on the sides of your head to make sure there's volume all around.
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