How to Use Clip in Hair Extensions Properly

by:Canway     2020-07-02
Hair extensions are a great way to boost volume for your styles but if you want to avoid glues and bonds you can always use clip-in hair extensions. These are a hassle-free way to gain instant thickness and can be attached in minutes without going to the salon and spending a fortune. If you need a little help with attaching clip-in hair extensions, just follow these simple steps to enjoy a fuller style. 1. Firstly, make sure you have clean and dry hair, you don't want to grease up your clip-in extensions because then you will need to wash them. Washing slip in extensions often, especially when they use human hair, makes them last less time. 2. With a comb or your index fingers, make a horizontal parting across your scalp just above your ears and secure the hair that's above the parting with a clip or elastic. 3. Practice opening and closing the clips by applying pressure on either side. Pick up the first hair weft to attach and make sure the clips are all in the open position. 4. Start with the middle clip when attaching the weft to your natural hair. Slip the comb of the clip onto your locks and snap firmly shut. Check if the clip is securely attached and continue with the clips on each side of the middle one. 5. Check with your hands or look into a mirror to see if the weft is lying flat along your scalp and isn't sliding off. 6. Release the top part of your hair that has been tied up and make another horizontal parting that is 1 inch above the attached weft. Once you've done that, pin up the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way. 7. Secure another weft in the same way as the first, and just remember to attach the middle clip first. Repeat the previous steps for attachment. 8. Continue creating horizontal partings and placing the wefts as you move up the back of your head until all the larger wefts are attached. 9. Place the smaller side wefts by making a horizontal parting above your ear and attaching the clips in the same way as you have been doing for the rest of your locks. 10. With a mirror, check that no clips are peeking out. If your hair is particularly fine, you might have to tease the hair before placing each weft. Cheap Hair Extensions http://www.myhairsextensions.com
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