In the Handbag Beauty Must-Haves

by:Canway     2020-06-30
Bags always complete an outfit, whether it be a tote, clutch a shoulder bag or what not a lady is never complete without a bag carrying all of her essential things. True, it is a fashion statement but bags are much more than that. Besides the fact that it can represent your personality, it is also home for whatever you might need throughout the day and even after hours. It's always tough to decide which to put in that cute purse, to bring or not to bring? Lipstick or lip gloss? Pressed or loose powder? So many things are equivalent to a bulky bag that is not too flattering. Let's find out more on handbag beauty essentials. Face Care Must-Haves Whenever out of the house, you always have to look pretty, well-kept and neat. It's not necessary to put all your brushes or that whole makeup palette in your bag. First things first, a compact powder with a mirror, you should always have powder to avoid a shiny face and a mirror to check how you look once in a while. It's not about vanity, its making sure you look just right and presentable especially in the work environment. I know I wouldn't be caught dead with a 'something' on my teeth or any part of my face that I don't know about. Second, is sunscreen this is important to avoid an uneven skin tone and premature ageing. A lot has changed with nature today so we must adapt and protect ourselves. Hair Must-Haves The hair is definitely a statement, a bob is so corporate, curls are surely seductive, while bangs are plain cute. All of these hairstyles exude different personas, so don't make your persona a stick-out because some strands are sticking out or with curls looking a bit trashy. Always bring a comb or brush to work, just don't keep it at your desk at all times, this is not high school anymore where hair is all that matters. Just make sure that you neat and pretty. A great tip to avoid any unnecessary hair products in your bag is to find and stick to a hair product that you can apply in the morning and can stay on all day. Sanitary Must-Haves Germs are everywhere, it is a fact. However, there is no need for an extra-large sanitizer dispenser in your bag. All you need to bring is a small bottle of hand sanitizer preferably with moisturizer to avoid rough palms. Second, wet tissue does everybody good. It will help you for any necessary touch ups, dirt on the skin or just cleaning a dirty table. It's not about having phobia on germs it's about being neat, remember you're a girl don't sneeze and wipe your hands on your clothes use a sanitizer. Fragrance Must-Haves Ladies always want to smell good. It's not a fact but people who smell good are easy to approach and quite likeable. Perfumes don't usually last the whole day but you don't have to bring the whole heavy glass bottle, opt to pour some in a plastic atomizer. With this, a quick spray could make you smell nice all day. Fragrance is not just how your body smells but also how your breath smells. If you don't have a travel toothbrush and toothpaste handy you could also opt for a small mouthwash or a pack of mint to freshen every conversation.
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