Increasing The Life Of Your Pool Heater

by:Canway     2020-06-22
Once you own a swimming pool heater, you need to extend its life by means of proper maintenance. You can add the life of this pool equipment for months or even years. However, the type of maintenance it needs relies on the type of heater you are using. Gas heaters are said to be the most common heaters used by the pool owners. This pool heater consumes natural or liquid propane gas. Because of the heater's external appearance, insects may tend to go inside which would affect its operation. This type of heater needs regular cleaning inside and out. Debris and other things that clogged inside must be removed immediately so that it won't create any damage. Use a simple brush or vacuum to clean out all dirt. Other maintenance chores include checking of pipes for any leaks, and checking of gas supply. For you to detect any leaks on the pipe, use a soap solution. In a liquid spray bottle, add some warm water and liquid dish soap. Shake the bottle and spray the solution on the pipe joints and wait for any bubbles that may appear on the surface. If any bubbles have formed, get your pipes repaired. Do not use your swimming pool heater until the pipes have been repaired or replaced. In most cases, the only solution to this problem is replacing the pipes. Ask for a plumber's help for this type of heater problems. Electrical pool heater is also popular to the owners. It heats up the swimming pool with the use of heating elements. Without a doubt, it effectively warms the pool. During the use of electrical pool heater, some solid particles that are present in the atmosphere might coat up the heater. This may lead to improper heating and worse, total damage of the heating unit. To prevent this incident, use a wire brush when cleaning the heating unit. Be careful on cleaning the unit because you might destroy the elements inside. If these elements got damaged, they need immediate replacement. You can enhance the performance of your pool heater by installing a time setting system. This item is used to escalate the efficiency of the heater by maintaining the water's temperature. Just remember that maintaining your pool heater is not far from pool maintenance chores you always do. Proper maintenance of your pool heater, whether it is gas or electrical, will help in increasing its life.
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