Interior Design Inspired by Magazines or Contemporary

by:Canway     2020-06-30
Moving into your own place for the first time is exciting and fun, but at the same time exhausting and stressful. You have to get the place ready, drive your possessions over and figure out where to put everything. And if you're moving to a place that's bigger than the last one, or you're moving out of your parents' house with little or no furniture, finding bed, couch and tables adds to the whole experience and can make it even more trying. Fortunately turning an empty place into a home is just a matter of imagination, inspiration and time. If interior design is not your forte and you'd rather spend money on new furniture than on a designer, don't worry that you'll end up with a place where nothing goes well with other pieces. Look for inspiration wherever you can find it, from all kinds of design and style magazines to contemporary furniture Miami salons, from Savannah bed and breakfasts to your friends' places. When you see something you like, think about what it is, whether it's the colors, the furniture shape or the way it's set up in the room, and file it in your mind for future reference. It will be very helpful when you start furnishing your own home. When it's time, first figure out the colors you'd like for each room, because that will help you out when looking for furniture and home accessories, and it will make the renovation easier, if any, since you'll be able to paint the walls and change the carpeting before any furniture is set up. Concentrate on what colors you like and feel good in, but also on their functionality, remembering that anything very light will require more upkeep than darker tones. Also pay attention to the way different colors affect you, as red may be too lively for the bedroom and blue too peaceful for the office. Once the colors are generally picked, it's time to fill the rooms. Start with biggest pieces first, like the bed, the couch, the dining room table, and move on to smaller pieces that will go with them. You don't have to match the pieces perfectly, buying the whole display from a contemporary furniture Miami store. Instead feel free to mix and match pieces that work for you, because you're the one that will have to live among those selected pieces. After the furnishings are delivered and set up, get a feel for the newly decorated interiors and figure out what smaller pieces you need. Sometimes it's a matter of throw pillows on the couch, sometimes pictures are a must, or maybe some plants and interesting light fixtures. Don't rush into filling the house up with gadgets, but rather take it slow and collect pieces that make the space more comfortable and not more crowded. And remember that nothing in interior decoration is set in stone, so you can always move the furniture around, repaint the walls, add a piece or take one out until you get the result you want, a comfortable, lived in place you can call home.
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