Interior Maintenance For Your Car

by:Canway     2020-06-29
Cleaning and keeping your car in a good condition can be a challenging task. Interiors of the car are susceptible to dust and stain; because of kids, spill over pets and foods. Sometimes cleaning the inside of your car is just not enough. Here are some simple tips that will help in maintaining the interiors clean. Vacuum: You should remove the car mats and seat covers and then clean the interiors. Use a round brush or soft nozzle to elicit dust from hard to reach areas. Draw close attention to the pedals when vacuuming because they accumulate maximum dust. Make use of a soft bristled brush to vacuum the gear box, dashboard and the doors. Dashboard cleaning: You may use a soft cloth, baby wipes or paint brush to clean the dashboard. Prevent scrubbing the dashboard as it may cause scratches. Do not wax or polish the dashboard since it will show light on sunny days and affect the driving. Stain removal: Stains are unavoidable on carpets. One can use standard home remedies to take care of these stains. Scattering borax on the carpet allows to get rid of foul smell. Frayed carpet edges can also be sealed using fabric paint. There are various stain removal items available in the market. One may select what fits the needs the best. Use a dust bag: Always keep a paper or plastic bag in the car to collect chocolate wrappers, tit-bits or food packets. This will help in keeping the car clean. Carpets: Pull the carpets out and dust them completely. One may use a comb or hard brush to open up the fibers. Vacuum the carpet at least twice. Do not sponge the carpet before vacuuming as it will settle the dust deeper into the carpet, making it difficult to clean. Mix a half cup detergent with one cup white vinegar in a gallon of water. Get spread around the mixture over the carpet and let it dry for an hour. Scrub the carpet carefully and rinse it with cold water. This will restore the vibrant colors to the carpet and also remove any general stains. Car leather: One may exercise serious precaution when cleaning the car leather or vinyl. Incorrect handling may cause the leather to lose its shine and vinyl may become too hard. One may use the mixture of two spoons of baking soda in one cup water to clean the leather/ vinyl seats. Usually use soft wool to apply this mixture. Soft fabric helps prevent scratches. Cuticle remover can help in getting rid of stains from leather seats.
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