Into The Sunshine

by:Canway     2020-06-29
Into the sunshine, the sun began to march, this time also used in hesitation? Hurriedly from the Thomas Bracelet cupboard. Take out your beloved sunglasses beautiful yourself, if you haven't this fashion dress up, then hurriedly acquire for oneself a pair of beautiful temperament that suits oneself and his sunglasses, from now on, the sun glasses to atched... Conveniently opened various fashion magazines, magazine fashionable tide son dream always use eyes to vice fashionable tie-in dress, add a layer of fashionable fashionable color. Typically the look on market sunglass, colourful, rally, but what is the suitable fashion yourself? Is can really to spruce up, with their own style, temperament collocation is harmonious? Actually, the sun glasses collocation and his face is very important, grasp the proper, can add cent for yourselves. Heart-shaped face of the eyebrows are actually had better buy the sun glasses crowd, they have can perfect cheek, have sharp cutting chin and broad forehead, such faces just avoid wearing on both sides upward cock frames on the line, because both sides upward cocked up the picture frame will emphasize more pointed chin. A pair of cutting perfect face plus a pair of fashionable glasses, deserve to go up again a set of fashionable dress is dressed up, I can't think enchanting also anymore. A round face of the eyebrows would grow lovely, be desired. But moonfaced eyebrow in the United States are not in choosing sunglasses appropriate selection round or corner sunglasses. But should choose than oneself face slightly wider and mountings upward butterfly type picture frame, make even look sharp creases, while in hair and clothes can spend bit of idea only, can be in lateral boundary and hair comb bang, while also comb the hair above to cover the amount of the jaw line cover round, deserve to go up again long necklace or V collar, can make whole person looks lively bright and beautiful. Quadrate face of the United States eyebrow, because entire face line gives a person a kind of curt enough downy sense. You need one at this time frame sunglasses will decorate circle line entire face because circle and rough corners into downy curve vast, circular sunglasses will make facial ministry outline appears more complaisant. Except for the sun overseas, quadrate face if deserve high bun hairstyle, look and feel slender, if hair comb cover cheeks or next buccal outline of your face, can make the person gives on the vision a appear more narrow feeling. In addition with elliptic or shaking earrings, also can make turned its attention to the cheek, quadrate face appears slender. Torre round face of the eyebrows should avoid wearing edge metal frame or frameless sun glasses, suitable to wear box type and broad sun glasses, because that will make facial look spacious, reducing the length of the face. There are comb bang hairdo, yi ke visually shorten face type of length, more can make a comparatively broad forehead. Combined with chic dangler and short bead chain, can make long narrow ellipsoid type looks relatively circle, add beauty. The girls have to face apricot shape is suitable for choose lens lighter color, fine metal frames or Thomas Necklace frameless sun glasses, because it can weaken the weight of facial above, lest make originally wide the upper half of the face more outspread feeling more. In the spring, sunny season, not just for your sun glasses shading, if is good at using the windscreen, it is one of the best tools of beautiful you wander in early march. The sunlight, you return at etc. What, take out your sun glasses, and mood one meticulous feel this spring warm and bright and beautiful!
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