Is There a Market For Clip in Hair Extensions For Men?

by:Canway     2020-06-29
Currently, the market for clip in hair extensions is aimed at women, who are the main market for them, by a vast majority. Also traditionally, men have been expected to either wear their hair naturally, or if going bald, to wear their baldness proudly. However in recent times, there has been a shift in attitudes towards hair extensions, with men becoming an increasing market for them. The reasons for men wanting hair extensions can vary, but fundamentally they end up being the same reasons that women opt for hair extensions. Some of these are given below, in a male-oriented way. Covering up Baldness Many men at some point in their lives start to go bald, and for many, this can cause serious issues with their confidence and self-esteem. First, to address the root of the problem, balding has not been seen as that much of a problem for men, and they can grow bald, or even shave off everything, without many issues from the society around them. However in more recent times, attitudes have begun to change, first with a growth of a generation who struggle to be comfortable with baldness in a more feminised world. Second, marketing tactics have taken on this growing culture of demonising baldness, and so many advertisements for male hair treatment will refer to terms such as 'low confidence', 'low self-esteem', and 'ostracised from workplaces and social circles' to further undermine and create a growing market of men seeking treatment. Companies developing wigs and toupees also use these tactics, and nowadays, are beginning to cater for men with hair extensions, as a preventative cover for bald spots. Here is where men can use clip in hair extensions, if they are uncomfortable with permanent hair extensions, or cannot afford the process and treatments required. Aesthetic Perfection The other reasons for the increase in men wearing hair extensions is also more closely linked to the majority of women's reasons for hair extensions; to achieve a new look, increasing volume, or altering the style and colour for different shades. While there is no direct market aimed at men for clip in hair extensions, the extensions themselves can be purchased from any beauty salon offering extensions, or if they want anonymity, order them online from the multitude of websites. Here clip in hair extensions are ideal, as temporary adjustments to one's hair style. While the hair extensions come designed for women's lengths, they can be trimmed to the desired length as required. So regardless of what attitudes about men and hair extensions remain now and in the past, the future is showing a trend where men will likely be an equal market for hair extensions, including clip in hair extensions, as women are.
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