It's Amazing What Organic Weed Killer Does For You

by:Canway     2020-06-22
An organic weed killer does not have harmful chemicals during its formulation. So when it is used to kill weeds, your health is not put into danger. Your family and pet's health is not endangered as well. The conventional organic killer contain toxic chemicals that are not only hazardous to your health, but to the environment as well. Choosing organic weed prevention does not ruin the environment. For example, if you use weed killers with artificial chemicals, the harmful chemicals remain in the plants for a long time that even your produce is affected. During harvest, fruits and vegetables are contaminated with such toxic chemicals that despite several washes are not removed. So where do these harmful chemicals go? Into your intestines, when you eat these fruits and vegetables. Unlike an organic weed killer, the traditional pesticides and weed killer have stubborn chemicals that Scientists claim are not neutralized during cooking. Instead, the heating process boosts their impact. Natural weed killers are the best alternative to control weeds in your garden. Kitchen is the best source for preparing natural solution for weed control. Vinegar and lemon make the effective solution mixed in a spray bottle. When you spray during the hottest time of the day, the sun will enhance your natural weed killer. Saving money is another advantage you can enjoy from not using commercial weed prevention. Like mentioned earlier, a vinegar and lemon solution is cheaper. It is also effective. The more concentrated the vinegar, the more effective it is in killing weeds. Neither vinegar nor lemon contains harmful chemicals that will seep deep into the soil and into the plant roots. However, in spraying organic weed killer like the vinegar lemon solution, you have to make sure that other plants are not sprayed because they can be harmed as well. Natural weed prevention helps you to get closer to your garden. When you take the time and effort to pull out the weeds, you will spend more time in your garden. You will start to understand more about its ecosystem and their needs such as an immediate remedy for rotten root or pest infestation. Besides homemade solutions for weed control, you can also use commercial organic weed control. When you go to a store, you may notice that the labels of organic weed killer contain the acidity level. Most organic weed control is acidic. The acid works by lowering the pH level of your weeds, eventually killing them. By nature, the acid dissipates quickly after contact; hence it is not a threat to nearby plants. Besides the acid-based organic weed killer, there is also an alkaline-based. One common example is bleach. But unlike vinegar and lemon solution, the bleach amount should only be small, like 4% combined with water. No matter which solution should you use, it is important that you target weeds only, lest you will also damage other plants.
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