Know How To Control Pests In Your Surrounding

by:Canway     2020-06-22
Are you annoyed with the high population of irritating pests in and around your surrounding? Are you planning for pest control service? Stop. First of all, try some easy methods to control pests. If their populations really high and beyond limit, you can abruptly go for the professional pest control service to make your surrounding hygienic and healthy. Here are some methods to control pests which you can do your self.>> Cover your kitchen garden with a net called as kitchen net. It is best way to trap flying insects and pests. After they are trapped, kill them manually by pressing them. In this way your garden will free from such flying pests.>> Prepare a solution with the juice of onion, garlic, neem, lemon and bitter gourd. Add little salt and fill them in a spray bottle. Now spray the home made pesticides in your garden to make it free from harmful larva of pests.>> Use biological pest control methods. Ladybugs are natural enemy to many harmful insects. Purchase ladybugs and release them in you garden. They will kill harmful insects. Further spread corns and gram in the garden to attract birds in your garden. Birds are the major predator of these ladybugs.>> You can easily kill termites by spraying solution of soap and phenyl on them.>> Boric powder is best eco friendly pesticides for killing cockroach. If there are high population of cockroach in your home spray 'Hit' or other chemical spray to kill them. These are the easy and eco friendly way of controlling pests. However, you should try not to make your surrounding vulnerable to these insects and pests. For this regularly clean your home, garden and surrounding area. Do not let water clog near by your home. It is the breeding spot for mosquitoes. Clean your home with mixture of water and phenyl to make home free from insects, pests and larva. If these eco friendly methods are not being effective you can use strong chemical pesticides. But make sure that are harmless to human and animals and will only kill pests. Some chemical are very effective but their constant use can make you asthma patient. So, see the ingredient of the chemical insecticides before purchasing. And last option is to take professional pest control service. The agents of the agency providing such service will come and recognize the kind of pests of your surrounding and take necessary steps to control their population. You can rely on one of the Noida pest control agencies to get pest control solution. They provide services of Pest Control in Noida and nearby cities. Pest control is becoming difficult now a day due to tremendous increase of pollution. Pest control Noida agencies are therefore putting their best effort in killing and controlling pests' population.
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