Learning The Basics of Dog Grooming

by:Canway     2020-06-27
Dogs need regular grooming and this depends on the dog breed and the type pf coat that they have. When pets are regularly groomed, they will not only look clean but also healthy and in the process this will save a lot of money rather than visiting a professional dog groomer. Here are the basic guides on how to groom a dog. Dog grooming basics ensures that the coat of your dog is clean, nails are well trimmed and even ears are also clean. This is done with the appropriate grooming tools and supplies that will also depend on the breed of the dogs. This will aid you in the process of grooming your pet quicker and easier. Dog Brushing: Bristle brush is generally used while brushing the coat of your dog. But for dog breeds that have loose hair a porcupine brush is suitable, while for dogs that have wavy or longer coat wire pin brush can be used and slicker brush works for long coated breeds. Dog Brushing: Usually metal combs are generally used for combing the dog's coat. But for removing loose hair shedding blade is much advisable. De-matting comb is used to remove matted coat and undercoat rake is great for long haired dogs. Ear Washing: Ear wash is now widely available in pet stores. Other available ear wash for your pet is the medicated ear wash that used to get rid of ear mites. Dog Trimming: A quality scissors should be used in trimming the hair of your pet. Be sure to trim hairs that are located in the eyes, feet and face. Nail Clipping: You can either use the guillotine style nail clippers or the plier's style clippers. These are simple guide on properly grooming your dog. These are necessary to make the process quicker and even comfortable for your pet.
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