Left Handed Hair Cutting Shears

by:Canway     2020-06-26
Left hand stylists have no need to adapt to right handed shears. Unfortunately, many stylists already have and find it hard to use shears especially designed for them. But if you're a newcomer to the hairdressing world, then you would be wise to start right away with left handed scissors to use the full potential of your haircutting skills. Left handed shears look about the same as right handed ones, but on a closer look you'll see that the blades are switched around. To identify them, check that the top finger hole is where you place your finger and the bottom is where you place your thumb. This is completely the opposite of a right handed scissor and is exactly what you need for swift and comfortable cutting. The only difference with shears for left handed stylists is the position of the blades, so when purchasing you'll have to pay attention to factors such as steel quality, design and handle type. The steel used in the shears is one of the most important aspects since the quality of the steel it uses determines how durable, trustworthy and sharp the blades will be. For best results, always head for the ones made with Japanese steel with over 53 RC, and for even trustier shears make sure that they're a two-piece construction welded together and not one continuous piece that is less precise and doesn't have much balance. Hair cutting shears are available in a variety of designs and there are hundreds of professional models to choose from. Many professional hair stylists prefer the convex edge blade which is known for smoother cutting and higher prices; although with a good quality pair like the Saki Katana Shears the flawless results will be well worth the extra dollars. The design of the Saki Katana shear is simple yet elegant, and the convex edge blades allow you to cut wet or dry hair with an equal level of excellence while the extra-long crane handle with a ball-bearing screw makes cutting impressively smooth and swift. This brand comes with a professional carrying case and a lifetime warranty, making it a definite best buy. So if you're left handed and you want to start your hairdressing career properly, use a good quality hear designed with stylists like you in mind so you don't have to hold back the natural left handed movement by using right handed tools that will only limit your skills.
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