Mace Pepper Spray - Self-Defense Expert

by:Canway     2020-06-26
Perhaps you won't become a self-defense pro instantly by carrying Mace Pepper Spray, but no one is going to argue with you if you have that canister aimed in their face! Pepper spray is 1 of the more commonly used forms of self-defense (although personally I still do not think it is used widely enough. There are too many people out there that, for whatever reason, have not found the time to think seriously about their personal safety. As far as pepper spray goes, Mace is one of the more popular, and highest quality names. If you get Mace pepper spray, you know that you have the ability to repel any attacker and make him wish he hadn't chosen you. Mace products usually have the commonly found Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) ingredient that has been proven so effective in defending yourself. The OC spray forces swelling of the eyes to the point of temporary blindness, extreme nausea, coughing, gasping, and wheezing. It goes without saying that it causes your attacker to no longer want anything to do with you. Some Mace weapons have ingredients in addition to the temporarily paralyzing, but long-term harmless, OC spray. Some Mace pepper sprays additionally have tear gas. The primary use for this is just so that the product is that much nastier to the assailant. Tear gas forces coughing, choking, and tearing of the eyes. This in combination with OC spray is a powerful defense to any attack indeed. Another common Mace ingredient is ultra-violet dye: The use of this is to aid in identification of the after the fact. When police understand that the attacker was hit with this, they will scan suspects to look for this marking dye, making it very hard for the attacker to get out of anything. Mace pepper spray can be found in different forms of substance. The majority of items are harnessed in the typical cylinders with a button on top, and sometimes a ring to attach it to your key chain. However, some weapons are made to look like lip stick, walking weights, and other seemingly-innocent items. Depending on how you want to store your product (car, living room, purse etc...) you may want a different form or size. I suggest having a simple, large bottle in your car, effective against humans and animals the both, and having a little one on your key chain or in your purse. There also exist different delivery methods for the sprays. The most commonly known is just the simple liquid spray; this is effective and easy to aim, just watch splash-back. There are also fog sprays, which disperse the liquid into the air; this is even more effective because it is easily ingestible and can blanket the attacker's face, but it can be affected by the wind. Foams are the best of both situations: Pepper foam is easy to aim, is not blown by the wind, and will quickly cover your assailant's face. If he tries to wipe it away, he will grind the chemicals into his face even more, only making the effects take place quicker. It is intelligent to do a lot of research when choosing what self-defense product to buy and carry. But the primary thing is that you get something, because this will immediately put you in the advantage if a struggle ever occurs. Mace pepper spray offers a multitude of effective self-defense tools that can mean the difference between victimization and safety. Don't wait to take the steps needed to protect yourself!
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