Makeover & Dress Up Games For Teen Girls

by:Canway     2020-06-25
Most girls love playing with makeup and fashion design. Any makeover, real or virtual, is an entertaining activity for girls and women of all ages. Girls can harness this desire for beauty by playing online makeover and fashion games. These games allow girls to dress up game characters in fun outfits and costumes, and make over characters with makeup and wacky hairstyles. Hair and Makeup Hair and makeup games allow girls to style a character's hair and alter her makeup. In 'Fairy Makeover' the player can change the hairstyles, eye color and makeup for a fun teen fairy. In 'Business Woman Makeover,' the girl can choose different hair and makeup to look professional and polished. In 'Hair Fashion Designer,' girls can style the character's hair using real grooming tools such as scissors and a hair curler. 'Renaissance Makeover' is a game that allows the player to transform the appearance of a girl from the 1600s. Home and Garden Home and garden makeovers are an entertaining alternative to traditional personal makeovers. Girls can makeover houses, rooms, fashion, bedrooms, pictures and gardens. In 'Winter Apartment Makeover' the player can arrange an apartment in the winter using curtains, furniture and decorations. 'My 3D Garden' is a game where girls can design a 3D garden with a variety of plants, seating and people. In 'Flower Basket Design,' the player can choose from a variety of cartoon plants and greenery to arrange a flower basket. Fashion and Clothing Fashion and clothing games can keep girls occupied for hours. There is always a new style or game to try. Girls can dress up a scene girl in 'Scene Dreams,' dress up a girl in a variety of blue prom dresses and eveningwear in 'Blue Prom Dresses,' and dress up girls in old-fashioned glamour in 'Old Hollywood Style.' In 'Gothic Angel,' the girl can dress up an angel with wings into an assortment of gothic clothing and accessories. 'Prepare for School' gives girls the opportunity to makeover and dress up a girl going to her high school class. Celebrity Makeovers Young girls typically idolize a few teen or young adult celebrities. Celebrity makeover games allow girls to continue their obsession with celebrities and picture them with different hair or clothing. Celebrity makeover games offer a variety of celebrities to dress up and makeover. Girls can change the celebrity's hair, makeup and clothing or accessories. Choose from celebrities such as Nelly Furtado, Emma Watson, Taylor Momsen, Michelle Trachtenberg, Brittney Spears, Janet Jackson, Selena Gomez or Lady Gaga.
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