Makeover Picture Games

by:Canway     2020-06-25
By appealing to a natural vanity, makeover tools online have popularized a before-and-after image. After uploading a photo to an online virtual makeover website, individuals can experiment with a variety of sophisticated and professional looks, celebrity hairstyles and play with makeup and accessories. For those who do not wish to personalize their creation, a virtual model is available with your choice of facial shape and complexion. Sites for girls include fun and fantasy games with hundreds of makeover choices. Virtual Makeover Picture makeover games, targeted primarily toward women and girls, include websites for girls described as virtual makeover and dress up games. Girls can play most sites for free on a computer that has three software programs (plug-ins) installed: Flash, Java and Shockwave. Makers have establish fantasy themes with blurbs about spectacular events and role play to attrack young girls. Even dress-up is an option with themes like circus and masquerade party, party girl, brightest star magic makeup, even avatar makeup and dress-up. Celebrity Makeover Celebrity hairstyle choices include Sandra Bullock, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Halle Berry and hundreds more. If the viewer is not interested in a celebrity, sites offer various generic makeup and hairstyle choices . These cover skin tone and accents in natural cosmetic contrast colors of many types and tints. Selections include length and color of hair and accessories. Some sites even make it possible to change eye color and whiten teeth. Website Choices Some site names include: Stellure, Hairstyler, UK Hairdresser Hairstyles, Daily Makeover, Taaz, Makeoveramatic, Instant Makeover, EZ Face Virtual Mirror, My Lifetime, Virtual Makeover, Beauty Riot, Dress Up Girl and hundreds more. Then there are virtual accessory and dress-up games with titles like Try On Stuff, Pikipimp, My Virtual Model, UK Hairdressers Wardrobe and more. Creative Accessories Makeover picture games offer a chance to practice and experiment with a variety of stylish looks. Before and after pictures can help in actual purchase selections. Some makeover tools offer actual name-brand makeup shades, name-brand accessories and even crazy contact lens,like those used in costuming. For some girls, these games offer fun, fantasy and imagination.
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