Makeup Mistakes to Avoid for Flawless Looking Makeup

by:Canway     2020-06-25
Right makeup makes you look perfect and dazzling, but, when you do some mistake then you looks unpleasant. Here we represent some idea about how to avoid make up mistakes. Avoid Too Much of Foundation Always choose a foundation that matches with your skin tone. If you are trying any other shades then your skin look dull. If you are confusing while choosing a right foundation according to your skin type then it is best to consult with a beautician. Even you can go to makeup counter and there test different shades of foundation by your own. Then, you can decide which one perfect for your skin. Do not apply too much foundation that creates skin tan. Avoid Lines on Face While using a liquid foundation you must take care of it because sometimes it can slip into pores and highlighting wrinkles or lines on face. For that you need apply deep moisturizer under foundation if you have dry skin or else no need to use moisturizer. Once you finished with moisturizer then use a wedge sponge to soaks up extra foundation. At last apply translucent powder to complete your makeup. Avoid Too Much Blush Always choose sheer blush with pink or peach shades. Use large blush brush and apply it in upward direction on the apple of the cheeks. If you are using mineral blush then avoid excess blush. Blusher enhances your cheekbones and spreads a warm glow throughout the face. It enhances your features and gives a rosy flush to the cheeks. Blusher is applied with a suitable highlighter or blusher brush that is especially designed to color your cheekbones more effectively. If you find that you have still excess blush then wipe the extra color with cotton ball. Even you can add little more translucent powder to set blush on your cheek. Avoid Excess Mascara Your eyes look more attractive when you add mascara. But it is essential to apply mascara in a proper way. If you do any mistake while applying then the lashes become sticks together and look very bad. To avoid this situation always blot the wand with a tissue before using mascara. You even can use lash comb to separate eye lashes. Avoid Visible Lip Liner Never use a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick because in this case your lip look unattractive. Lip colors took different on every face and always complement the natural skin tone. If you want your color to last longer apply the base foundation first. This will work as a protective covering for the lips. Next, you must powder your lips and outline them using a lip liner. Try to choose a lip liner that is same as your lip color or little lighter than it.
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