Micabeauty Cosmetics - The New Name For Micabella

by:Canway     2020-06-24
Micabella Cosmetics have changed their name to Micabeauty Cosmetics. The company has been in existence for 10 years, providing mineral makeup and skin care products. Under this new brand the company has planned on expanding its line of market trendsetting cosmetics. Their cosmetics are known worldwide to be made of 100% pure Mica and minerals that work well with the natural oils in the skin to give that perfect flawless look. Mineral makeup is extremely gentle, free of any preservatives, chemical dyes, talcs, oils, or other fillers which allows you to use them even on the most sensitive skin. In addition it contains SPF 15 Sunscreen to help protect the skin from future premature aging and damaged skin. Micabeauty Cosmetics will continue to provide long lasting and all-natural ingredient cosmetics made from pure MICA. It will also encompass a complete skincare collection and the recently launched glisten hair jewels that can be fixed to hair strands using a straightening iron. The newest arrivals from Micabeauty include mineral pressed foundation, exfoliating peeling gel, mineral lipstick, and lip color pot. Other accessories include gift cards and beauty kits, all available at very competitive prices. Perhaps the most attractive product of them all is the glisten hair charms. These charms come in five colors and are flat-ironed onto the hair. They can be blow-dried and curled and they last for weeks until the hair is washed. The glistens are easy to setup and require no professional expertise to do so hence they can be applied at home thus sparing you the need to go to the salon. They are easy to remove, using a glisten crystal remover, without damaging your hair. These glistens have become the latest trend in the hair styling industry. Micabeauty have increased their popularity and growth through social networking sites namely Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Marketing their products in these sites is bound to increase their sales even more considering that their pages will be accessed by millions of people worldwide. They are also offering a free newsletter to their customers so as to give them the necessary updates on their products. The company has also enhanced its policies for shipping products, privacy and security options, returns and replacements, and ordering. These policies ensure that customers' data is protected and only used for customer service requests. Providing customers with detailed information on how to send orders and giving them tips and tricks on how to apply makeup has really enhanced the company's professionalism and customer service levels.
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