Nailtiques Nail Care Products Review

by:Canway     2020-06-20
The company commitment to quality is evident in every one of its nail care lines. Nailtiques uses only the finest ingredients and doesn't test on animals. Nailtiques is dedicated to the growth and maintenance of healthy, natural nails. Their complete line of prescribed, salon-tested products provides some of the best nail care systems available on the market. Nailtiques also has an incredible selection of gorgeous nail polishes, designed to not only make nails look attractive, but also keep them healthy and strong. Nailtiques premium nail care products include cremes, oils, proteins, lotions, cuticle gels and treatments, and they also offer nail accessories like emery boards and heated spa mitts. The company's success is largely attributed to unique products that promote nail growth; nail strength and moisture retention, resulting in healthy, beautiful fingernails. Since 1990, Nailtiques has been providing therapeutic fingernail treatments that far surpass all other brands. Nailtiques products not only prevent unhealthy nail conditions, they also treat many of the problems that come with fingernails. With six specially formulated protein strengths, Nailtiques products not only supply nourishment to strengthen nails, they also eliminate peeling, splitting and unsightly ridges, doing away with brittle nails for good. Here are just a few of the amazing products offered by Nailtiques: The experts at Nailtiques believe men and women should have beautiful fingernails that grow naturally and recognize the damage acrylic, solar and false fingernails can have. The After Artificial Treatment is a therapeutic treatment for nails recovering from acrylics, gels, wraps, etc. The Oil Therapy is a unique blend of vitamin-enriched oils, designed to treat dry, brittle nails, soften cuticles and replenish the body's natural oils. Nailtiques Cuticle & Hand Conditioner and the Cuticle & Skin Gel are also perfect for dry skin and unhealthy cuticles. Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover is a client favorite and one of the most frequently purchased products. This acetone-free formula is extremely gentle to both nails and skin. It contains aloe and specially formulated conditioners that help protect the nail from becoming dry while effectively and efficiently removing nail protein and/or polish build up. Nailtiques Fungus Treatment takes care of unsightly and unhealthy fungus, which can lead to infection and cause a variety of problems. This product is used as both a preventative measure and a remedy for nail fungus and infection. Applied with a unique applicator, the formula's blend of special ingredients help kill and stop the spread of germs and bacteria. Nailtiques, while known and respected for its miraculous nail care products, also carries products for feet and hands. The Avocado Foot Creme is a deep penetrating, non-greasy moisturizing creme rich in avocado oil. It soothes and smooths rough, cracked, dry and unhealthy feet. This is the ideal product for those who suffer from pesky, calloused toes and feel. The Cuticle & Hand Conditioner is a highly concentrated combination of pure jojoba and aloe, which work to rehydrate and conditions hands and cuticles. This lotion moisturizes the skin and gives it a more youthful, supple appearance.
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