Non Prescription Eyeglasses

by:Canway     2020-06-19
Glasses Without Prescription There are plenty of uses for non prescription eyeglasses including reading, working and entertainment. Eyeglasses for non-prescription-use have become a phenomenon in our culture. Glasses are revered for their style and appearance changing quality. It's a hit fashion statement that allows you to really accent an outfit or color. There are other reasons to wear non-prescription eyeglasses, or at least glasses you don't have to obtain a prescription for. For reading and working, using reading glasses you can find at a drug store are a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars. Opticians will often discount these glasses for people with severe presbyobia but for those who are just getting mild headaches and can see fine, they work great. Eyestrain can be caused by staring at a computer monitor, books or papers for too long. When buying these glasses, make sure you buy them from a reputable source. There are tons of vendors selling cheap tinted glasses as computer reading glasses but they are not nearly the same. Computer reading glasses are bent slightly to refract light in a way that is beneficial for your eyes. Tinted glasses seem to offer the same effect but do not and are often more harmful for your eyes than not wearing them at all. Today you can get modern and lightweight rimless glasses made from highly flexible stainless steel at great prices. There are several types of bifocals available but for those just looking for reading/computer glasses you can get small glasses which have a slight correction of +0.25 to +0.75. This will help reduce the focal point just enough to bring about relief on the strain to eye muscles. Most of these glasses boast an anti-reflective coating. This helps reduce the glare from sunlight, desk lights and the computer monitor. Sometimes, they come with a slight amount of tint but that is often just a side effect of the coating. Check out the single vision, low powered lenses that can help you correct slight errors in your vision and can save you hundreds of dollars in vision correction. Additions to these glasses often include an anti-glare coating. Although it does result in having to clean your glasses more frequently, the benefit of helping with eyestrain outweighs the time it takes to brush the dust off your lenses. This coating helps reduce the visual noise that affects the ability of the eyes to focus properly on the monitor. Tinted lenses reduce the blue light spectrum down to a manageable amount. Now these aren't great for reading or working but the tint is a good idea if you are just wearing glasses as a fashion statement. They offer beautiful accents in many different colors and can double as sun glasses if the tint is right. On the other hand, melanin tinted lenses protect your eyes by reducing violet and blue light from florescent lights and the computer screen. These both have the ability to cause harmful damage to your eyes. These specialized lenses are available on prescription and non-prescription glasses. You can find them at your local optician or online. Pricing these glasses is pretty easy. If you are just looking for something to wear in front of the computer, at the office or at home and are not worried about a designer look, you can buy them as cheap as $10. The more expensive ones can go for a few hundred dollars. If you are looking for high end glasses, numerous well-known brands make their very own non-prescription styles you can order directly from the manufacturer or buy in-store. These brands include: Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Valentino, Christian Dior, Versace, Oscar & Fitch, Ray Ban and more. Various trends in popular eyeglasses are started by these companies and can really make a nice fashion statement in the office or at school. When shopping for fashionable eyewear, make sure you choose correctly. A bad pair of glasses can really highlight parts of your face and hide others that you don't want. Pick something that will even out your face properly. If you have a round face, pick square glasses that bring attention to the eyes and split up the bottom and top of your head. For skinnier faces, wide rims are a good idea. Rectangular faces are lucky and have a wide selection to chose from but don't go too small. It might make your head look big. Remember that reading glasses are not computer glasses. They work very differently and confusing the two can cause more eyestrain and can damage your eyes even further. The fact is, if you are on your computer for more than two hours a day, you should most definitely use computer glasses. First talk to your doctor about it to see if reading or computer glasses are right for you.
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